Andrea Ceccherini: “Il portale dei giovani italiani per dare voce ad una generazione che non riesce a farsi sentire”

A web portal dedicated to young Italians. This is the tool that the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori wants to promote to “give a voice to a generation which does not have it, in order they say it loud and clear in the country”.

The news was given by the President of the Osservatorio, Andrea Ceccherini, in an interview with the vice-director of the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Massimo Gramellini. An interview in which he defined a path of integration between newspapers and the web and based on the development of a new project, which makes newspapers and new technologies complementary, in the context of the national project “Il Quotidiano in Classe“. 

In the national project Il Quotidiano in Classe – Ceccherini said – with newspapers we tried to open more the eyes of the youth to the world around them, giving them the opportunity to develop their personal opinion based on what happens in the world. Today, with the Internet, we want to make them go further, using new technologies to bring their opinion online and make it comparable with that of the others”.  

Same direction, new path: to educate the youth to citizenship with the aim to raise their capacity of being critical and their civic sense. Especially now, in a period of time in which young Italians think to have no opportunities for their future. In fact, according to data showed by Gfk-Eurisko, 58% of young Italians would leave Italy to study abroad, 59% to work abroad and even 43% would dream to leave their home country forever.

“I wonder what kind of future has a country in which half of young people wants to leave it. Looking at other data this picture becomes worse. Only 4% of young Italians trusts in the Italian state. This trust is only 0,6% in political parties and 0,2% in politicians. It seems that policy- and decision-makers of this country have left out those who are not already part of the system: out of opportunities, of the job market and of the future. But our motto is Life is now, can’t wait”.

According to Ceccherini, there is a lot of work to do to give young people a civic sense of their country. For this reason, the President of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori has invited young Italians to use, starting from October 22, 2011 this new web portal to contribute to a new alliance with the publishing world, which will short-circuit contributions of young people with traditional newspapers “to give them a role they never had”, and “to start a new springtime of the publishing sector, with more fresh air, many new faces, more digital world and more international vision. A spring – concluded Ceccherini – that I hope could contribute to open a new season: that of change“.